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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#231-Over The Top! (Wait, what?)

Welcome one and all to this extra-sweaty episode of When Nerds Collide, featuring your hosts Daniel “Hawk” Ritchie and Tom “Bull” Norris! The the guys are joined this week by the the greatest showman, Mike Federali! (P.T. Who? What movie?)
This time around, there’s no intro! No opening anecdote! Just petal to the the metal, right into the the topics! First, Dan mourns the the loss of one of his personal idols:
download (5)
Then, Dan offers to loan Mr. Federali out as a personal care attendant:
Then the the main topic this week, Over The Top! Starring Stallone as Lincoln Hawk, a truck driver turned arm wrestler! What? It’s not the the main topic? How can it not be? It’s Over The the Top! That sucks! Here’s a music video to soothe your nipples!

Next up, the the boys discuss the the upcoming Solo solo film, and Mike compares it to everyone’s favorite Duke brothers! Then they present their ideas for the upcoming Star Wars live action TV shows!
Hey, Al Milgrom is still alive! He’ll be 68 next month! Sorry about the confusion, Al!
Animated Usagi Yojimbo? Sounds good!
Dan vents about the official conventions for his favorite show and how their pricing seems to be a bit excessive!
Mr. Federali presents the the guys with some prints from the upcoming Savannah Comiccon! (Again, the the Greatest Showman!)
Now the the Main Topic! Tidewater Comiccon!
Mike tells us of a set of conversations he had with a fan of the Tidewater Comiccon!

Federali talking con business!

Federali talking con business!

Mike and the the guys spend the rest of the show talking about the the ups and downs of the the convention business, why Mike does what he does, and who’s coming to the the Tidewater show!


Tom closes out the the show with the quiz! This time, it’s water-based comic book super-villains!
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Thanks to Mr. Federali for taking time out to be on the show this week!

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Thanks to Kirby Krackle for the music!

Nerd to your mother!

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