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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#230 – Can You Put Me Up For The Night?


Welcome one and all to this week’s amazing episode of When Nerds Collide!

This week your hosts, Daniel and Thomas, are joined for the third episode in a row by friends of the show, Anthony and Mitchell, by virtue of the fact that they were hanging around outside the podcast cave!

The show begins with a short discussion of how to stop a Sharknado! This leads into the guys promoting the upcoming 2018 version of the Tidewater Comicon with the announcemet of the guest list, including Gates McFadden of Star Trek: The Next Generation!


Also check out the Tidewater Comicon’s website this Wednesday for a HUGE guest announcement!

After that, there’s a bunch of chit-chat including a discussion of September 11, 2001, and Daniel’s newfound love for Orange Is The New Black and his discovery of various genre actresses starring in that show! Tom unveils his new favorite joke! The guys discuss  the actor who played Puck from Glee killing himself after being being convicted of child porn! Tom brings up the Ant Man and Wasp trailer and Dan tells a story about fake racism surrounding the premiere of The Black Panther!

Daniel wrestles the show back on track and chugs down to this week’s topic, The Crow, which was inspired by a news article about an updated version of the film, possible featuring Jason Momoa!

Brandon-Lee-in-The-Crow1The discussion proceeds, bringing in the comics, the films, and the television show, and Mitch gets bumped from his seat by his girlfriend Jessica because she has actually seen the films!maxresdefaultAnd for whatever reason, this came up:th (1)Back to The Crow! Tom stopped after Brandon Lee, because the rest are blasphemous!

RapidFire-01-stairskick-400-sg Edward Furlong played The Crow?!

the-crow (1)

Daniel relates some Crow trivia, Tom teaches Mitch and Jessica some 90’s history, and Tom unleashes a bird-themed super-hero quiz!


Thanks to Tony, Mitch and Jess for joining the show this week!

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Thanks as always to the guys in Kirby Krackle!

Nerd to your mother!

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