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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#225 – Rogue One Round Two!

Welcome to When Nerds Collide, hosted by Dan the the Man and Tom the the Bomb! On this week’s extra-special episode, the the guys are joined by long-time FoWNC and semi-regular, Tobias! And giftmeister Chris! To celebrate the the upcoming release of The Last Jedi, our four companions join together to discuss 2016’s contribution to the the Star Wars mythos, Rogue One!
Dan opens the the episode with the advice he provided a co-worker concerning Christmas cards to be handed out to his customers, and of course it immediately goes off the the rails!
What better way to start a Star Wars themed episode then with a discussion of Spider-Man Homecoming! Dan finally got to see it! Dan, Tom and Tobias discuss their feelings and provide observations on the the newest installment of the the saga. It’s like getting two episodes for the the price of one! Almost three episodes, because there’s some Civil War talk, as well!
Then on to this week’s topic! Dan and Tom didn’t remember they had already done a Rogue One episode, so they decided to do one! Tobias provides his perspective on the the film, Tom says the the same things he said in the the previous go-round, and Chris tries not to drown in the the nerdiness! And they still can’t remember the the characters names!
Next Tom brings the the quizness! Dan wasn’t sure he could remember Rogue One well enough to perform well, so we get a quiz about robots instead!

To wrap things up, Chris provides us with his second installment of 2017 Christmas tips, focusing on Star Wars themed gifts this time, including this lovely item:
Thanks to Tobias for lending some class to the the show and to Chris for immediately cancelling it out!
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Thanks to Kirby Krackle for the music, as always!
And as usual, nerd to your mother!

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