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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#224 – Welcome to the Jungle, Rocket Man!

Welcome to this week’s episode of When Nerds Collide! On this very special episode, Dan and Tom talk about the the modern classic films, Jumanji and Zathura! This week’s topic is inspired by the upcoming sequel, Jumanji-Welcome to the the Jungle! And since it’s the the Holiday season, they are joined by gift-giver extraordinaire, Chris!
Dan opens the the show with a discussion of how he is easily amused, especially by this video:

This leads into the the guys talking about the the Punisher and Jon Berenthal’s intensity! BTW Tom, If I Had A Hammer is by Peter, Paul and Mary!

Somehow, this works it’s way into the the death of Jim Nabors…
And then the Infinity War Trailer came out! The guys wonder if a certain new character will make her debut in this film, and want to know where Cap’s shield is!
Dan and Tom saw the the Justice League film and give their thoughts on it, and then they say good-bye to Adventure Time.
The the guys jump into the the topic with full abandon at this point with a story of how the Rock was disappointed by Hulk Hogan at an early age!

Dan posits he can pull a Groundhog Day-esque situation using the the Jumanji board!
The guys hand the the reins of the the show over to Chris at this point, and Chris drives away with it! He presents us with the the first round of his Christmas Tips for 2017! With items from prior years including the the Tuggie and the the Weener Cleaner, this year’s recommendations should be amazing!
download (3)
And Tom closes out the the show with a quick quiz about board games! So sit back with your lion and monkeys and enjoy!

Special thanks to Chris for his tips!
All the the guys want for Christmas this year is for you to rate and review the the show on ITunes! Or a voicemail on this here page! You can also check out our Twitter feed and our Facebook page!
Thanks to Kirby Krackle for the musical goodness!

And Nerd to your Mother!!!!

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