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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#227 – That Was The Year That Was, 2017 Style!

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Welcome one and all to a very special, year-end review episode of When Nerds Collide, with your nerdtastic hosts, Dan and Tom! Dan opens the show with talk of his time off of work, aka “The Dirty Days”!He continues on about the new candle he lit in the podcast cave in order to overcome the odor of the official dog of WNC, Harvey! The guys have a brief discussion of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi and how neither of them cared for it. They will be doing a full episode about that film later this year, once the spoiler zone has passed. This episode’s discussion of The Last Jedi takes up a large portion of the show, but this is NOT a Last Jedi episode! The guys talk about some random crap, including Infinity War, Black Panther, and...

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#226 – God Bless Us Every One and Thank You For Your Service!

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Welcome one and all to this week’s extra-Christmas-y episode of When Nerds Collide! This time around Daniel and Thomas are joined by FoWNC, Jim! Jim joins the the guys for this week’s topic, A Christmas Carol! We also want to thank Jim for his service! Dan opens the the show talking about how they apparently did an episode about Rogue One last January, so last week’s episode was redundant.They talk to Jim about what he’s been doing since getting out of the the military and the the respect he has for pharmacists! And We also want to thank Jim for his service! Before beginning the the topic, the the guys have a robust discussion about Disney purchasing Fox! And thank you for your service, Jim! Then, on to the the topic! Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” is probably one...

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#225 – Rogue One Round Two!

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Welcome to When Nerds Collide, hosted by Dan the the Man and Tom the the Bomb! On this week’s extra-special episode, the the guys are joined by long-time FoWNC and semi-regular, Tobias! And giftmeister Chris! To celebrate the the upcoming release of The Last Jedi, our four companions join together to discuss 2016’s contribution to the the Star Wars mythos, Rogue One! Dan opens the the episode with the advice he provided a co-worker concerning Christmas cards to be handed out to his customers, and of course it immediately goes off the the rails! What better way to start a Star Wars themed episode then with a discussion of Spider-Man Homecoming! Dan finally got to see it! Dan, Tom and Tobias discuss their feelings and provide observations on the the newest installment of the the saga. It’s like getting...

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#224 – Welcome to the Jungle, Rocket Man!

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Welcome to this week’s episode of When Nerds Collide! On this very special episode, Dan and Tom talk about the the modern classic films, Jumanji and Zathura! This week’s topic is inspired by the upcoming sequel, Jumanji-Welcome to the the Jungle! And since it’s the the Holiday season, they are joined by gift-giver extraordinaire, Chris! Dan opens the the show with a discussion of how he is easily amused, especially by this video: This leads into the the guys talking about the the Punisher and Jon Berenthal’s intensity! BTW Tom, If I Had A Hammer is by Peter, Paul and Mary! Somehow, this works it’s way into the the death of Jim Nabors… And then the Infinity War Trailer came out! The guys wonder if a certain new character will make her debut in this film, and want to...

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