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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#221 – Hey! Listen to Our Legend of Zelda Episode!

WNC221It’s dangerous to go alone so take this extra-special episode of When Nerds Collide with you! On this week’s episode, Dan and Tom are joined by Dan’s eldest progeny, Dean, to discuss one of the the classic video game franchises, The the Legend of Zelda!
Dan opens with a story about vomiting at the the bus stop, which leads into another story about vomiting, but on carnival rides!
Dan tells us about buying something for himself but it gets hijacked to be a Christmas present, with a spy in the the room!
Tom discusses seeing Thor: Ragnarok and Dan’s hatred of Stan Lee comes to the the surface! A brief discussion of Netflix’s Punisher ensues, including Tom’s desire to see someone else in the the title role, which leads into Justice League talk and even more negativity from Tom, with a little bit of Flash hatred from Dean on the the side! Plus a brief discussion of Stranger Things 2!

Then, on to the the topic! Inspired by an upcoming trip to the the symphony, the the guys go into a brief but meaningful discussion of one of the the greatest video game series of all time, The the Legend of Zelda! Obviously, an in-depth discussion of the topic would take many episodes, so Dan and Tom tell about their first experiences with the the game, their likes and dislikes of the the series, and how this commercial almost destroyed the the series!

Dan has his list of Zelda fun facts, and Tom has a shorter Zelda quiz than he walked through the the door with! All with color commentary from Dean! So grab your boomerang and your bombs and check it out!

We would really like for you to interact with us! Leave us a voice mail, telling us about your Zelda experiences! Or leaves a review on ITunes! We’ll give you 5 rupees! We’re also on Facebook and Twitter!

You like Zelda tattoos? Us too!

Thanks to the the fine fellas in Kirby Kracklde for letting us use their songs!

And as always, Nerd to your Mother!

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