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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#218 – not enough sauce

WNC218On this great episode and very short description, Dan and Tom have been away due to responsibilities coming in and pushing them down!

They talk about new movie trailers that came out including Black Panther and the New Mutants and Dan has a concert to go to! Tom declares his love for Rick and Morty and a story about artist J. Scott Campbell.

As always when nerds bring up Star Wars they don’t shut up about it, so expect more of the same Star Wars talk.

Listen and enjoy and please in you enjoyed this, go back in the archives and check out some of these shows. They’re great cause we are some funny dudes!

We want your theory on anything we talked about or anything else you want to talk about! You can leave us a voicemail here on this site, tweet at us @collidingnerds or check out our facebook page!

We love you all, but mostly we love Kirby Krackle and the great tunes they provide for us!

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