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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#213 – Zach Attack Is Back To Talk Some Smack!

WNC213Welcome to this week’s super special episode of When Nerds Collide! This week Dan and Tom are joined again by friend of the the show, Zach! Zach suggested this week’s topic and volunteered to be on with us to discuss it! Last week, Netflix released the the Defenders so Zach recommended that we should talk about it, and Dan morphed that idea into a discussion of useless super-teams, which is what they ran with!
The the show opens with a discussion of 90’s fashion brought about by Dan renaming Zach as “Zach Attack” which leads to Zach’s confession of love for his Jazz pattern shirt.
Dan, in a call back to last week’s shoe, Dan educates us(infotainment!) with a list of children’s toys based on adult-oriented TV programming, which are designed to be didactic as well as captivating! He also tells us how FoWNC Tony has ruined the Flintstones for him. (It has to do with the the show’s appliances!)
In contribution to the the topic, each of the the guys has brought their own list of teams for discussion. Zach goes first with his list of teams he dislikes, the first of which is Tom’s favorite team of all time! (That’s why it’s called When Nerds Collide, folks!) Dan follows with a list of forgotten teams, forgotten by everyone except Tom, that is. Tom provides a list of the the worst teams, which for some reason includes Alpha Flight!?
alpha flight classics
Tom’s quiz this week, in honor of the the guest, is called Zach’s Car and Truck Emporium, and Zach drives away with it!
Finally, they close out the the show with music from a local band named Padfoot, featuring FoWNC Karen Estrella! The the song is titled “All Party Dogs Go To Heaven”! So levitate back and enjoy! (Their name is Padfoot? Are they serious?)

Look, we even bring you local bands now! That’s worth a five-star rating on ITunes, right? At least tell us what you think of the band! Leave us a voice mail! Elvins? Beverly? Anyone?

The Legion of Super-Heroes, just because! Hey look, Bouncing Boy!

Thanks to Kirby Krackle for the music! After all this time? Always.

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