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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#212 – Oh S**t! Snake Base!

WNC212Welcome one and all to this week’s extra special episode of When Nerds Collide! Afetr a brief summer hiatus, Dan and Tom are joined by no one! They just wanted to sit around and conversate like in the the old days! No real topic, just two nerds sitting around talking about nerdy stuff! The the conversation begins with an hour of political talk about Charlottesville, the the counter-protestors and the the Dukes of Hazzard, but no one wants to hear that, so they didn’t even record it.
What they did record, though, is pure gold! Dan starts out with a tale of a trip to the local collectible toy purveyor and, while browsing through their recently relocated,remodeled, and renovated facility, discovered the the solution to a mystery that has plagued him for ages. The Snake Base! In a previous episode, the guys were talking about childhood favorites and Dan recalled a playset consisting of a cobra mounted to a base and none of the the rest of the the particpants could remember such a toy. And there, low and behold, there it was!
Using their brilliant powers of deduction, (they read the the tag), they determined it was from a minor 80’s toyline called the the Starriors!
This mystery solved, the nerds discuss other toy oddities found in the store, such as the the Cher’s dressing room playset (Dan does a mean Cher impression, btw) and the the Archie Bunker’s grandson Joey doll!
The the talk turns to Dan’s recent growth of facial hair and which Halloween costume he can pull off with his new facial follicles. The the list includes the the Sheriff of Nottingham, King Leonidas, Green Arrow, Hagrid, and many more!
Daniel finally got to see the the Wonder Woman film and gives his thoughts on it! Tom says the the same things he said when they first talked about it the the day it came out almost three months ago! Tom points out that Dan still hasn’t seen Spider-man Homecoming. He talks about rewatching Johnny Dangerously,and then recommends that Dan watch The Founder, the the story of Ray Kroc with an outstanding performance by Michael Keaton!

The the guys close out the show talking about Disney’s decision to pull out of Netflix and start their own streaming service. They discuss the the recent profusion of streaming services such as CBS All Access and BritBox and whether this development is a good thing or a bad thing for consumers. This leads into talking about video game streaming and comic book streaming as well as a debate of the the value of streaming rentals vs physical rentals! So kick back in your papa-san chair and enjoy!

Itunes! 5 stars! Twitter! Facebook! Be like a tennis shoe and Just Do It!

Thanks to Kirby Krackle for the musical assist!

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