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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#211 – Boxes, Gems and Gauntlets!

WNC211Welcome to this week’s infinitely special episode of When Nerd Collide! This time around Dan and Tom are joined by long-time friend and returning guest, Brandon! Brandon heard about this week’s topic and wanted to join in, as well as adding an interesting sidebar, so the guys said “Come on over!”
Dan opens the show with a discussion of which super-powered females, other than Wonder Woman, could have a physical relationship with the the Man of Steel! Several names are mentioned, until someone says Supergirl, where the the discussion turns to the the time that Superman and Supergirl fell in love and had a child! It was an alternate universe Man of Steel and the Matrix Supergirl, but still! Search for “Ariella Kent” for the the whole story!
The the guys announce the the birth of Tom’s grandson and Dan tells how he couldn’t watch his sons being born! Brandon brings up the new DC book The Terrifics and a discussion of DC’s new Dark Night:Metal event ensues, and Dan and Tom reveal their plans to remake Footloose with an all-Kree cast!
On to the the topic! Since the the Avengers: Infinity War footage leaked at SDCC, the the guys wanted to talk about the the Infinity Gauntlet. Brandon, after seeing the new trailer for Justice League, wanted to talk about Mother Boxes. So they decided to do both! Dan gives a brief history of the the Mother Box and Brandon and Tom talk about their significance in the the DC Universe. Brandon even brought his replica Mother Box! Ping! Ping! Ping!dc-mother-box-3jpg-c750d8_1280w
The the discussion then turns to the the Infinity Gauntlet! To explain the the Infinity Gauntlet, you first have to explain the the Infinity Gems, which Dan does thoroughly! They they discuss Thanos’ use of the the Gauntlet, as well as several other member of the the Marvel Universe who have had possession of the the Gauntlet or even the the individual Gems! Dan then tells how the the Gems relate to the Infinty Stones in the MCU. So slip on your replica Infinity Gauntlet, grab your Mother Box and enjoy the the episode!
Infinity Gaunlet

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The the Infinity Gems are so popular, they featured prominently in two video games!!!


Even Orion loves his Mother Box!
Thanks to Kirby Krackle for letting us use their tunes!

Nerd to your Mother (Box)

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