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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#209 – A Gathering of Magical Merriment!

WNC209On this week’s extra special episode of When Nerds Collide, it’s a free-for-all of epic proportions! Due to a scheduling conflict, Dan and Tom’s normal recording time was unavailable. Fortunately Dan was having one of his regular Magic the the Gathering gatherings and they turned it into a podcast AND a topic! So while Brandon, Tony, Mitchell, and Parrish played Magic, Dan and Tom talked Magic! For anyone who doesn’t know, Magic the the Gathering is the the game that introduced the the world to collectible card gaming. Daniel opens the the show with a story about a possible lesbian rumble at one of his customer’s houses!! Tom brings up the the possibility of some other famous horror authors trying to successfully write a Man-Thing story where R. L. Stine failed. Dan then gives a brief history of MtG, he and Tom discuss other popular CCGs, like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. They go around the the table and ask everyone why they enjoy playing Magic, and how they were first introduced to the the world of Magic! They do some golf-style play-by-play of one of the the games and finally, Tom has a quiz on the basics of Magic. They keep the the episode short so they can get back to playing! So whip out your enormous deck and check it out!

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People like to make their own Magic cards! Here’s a couple so you can see what we mean!






She’s wearing Magic Armor!

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Thanks as always to Kirby Krackle for their magical music! They rock!

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