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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#208 – Spidey Super Stories!

WNC208Another week and another spectacular episode of When Nerds Collide, featuring those eight-legged freaks Dan and Tom! No guests this week, just our arachnophiliac hosts! This week the the guys have no real topic, so just some general discussion including their thoughts and feeling on the the Jumanji trailer(YAY!) and the the Inhumans trailer(BOOOO!/Meh) and why Dan might be gay. Tom talks of his 90-second guest spot on the the Chubby Wizard podcast and the the brief discussion of R. L. Stein’s Man-Thing, and the the general disappointment with the the length of it. With the the release this week of Spider-Man Homecoming, they talk about what they like about Spider-Man, and who their favorite web-swinging artists are. They wonder why Aunt May and Uncle Ben had to be so old, and Dan goes over a list of the the times Peter Parker was killed in the the What If? comic books. Finally, Tom was inspired by the the airing of The Mist on TV and the the upcoming releases of The Dark Tower and It, and quizzes us on the the films of the the Master of Horror, Stephen King! So put on your Spider-Man headphones and listen to the the best podcast recorded in Norfolk on Friday nights at 8:30 PM!

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Karen Gillan and her stunt doubles on the the set of Jumanji!

The one time Tom’s not gonna complain about miscasting based on a character’s age in the source material!

Thanks to the the guys in Kirby Krackle for letting us use their marvelous music. If you haven’t listened to their stuff, you should!

Nerd to your mother!

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