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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#206 – Urban Wizard Meets Chubby Wizard!

On this week’s special Tom’s birthday episode of When Nerds Collide, Dan and Tom welcome back long-time friend of WNC and host of every other podcast in the world available today, Bruce Leslie! Bruce joins the guys this week to discuss The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher! Tom is a huge fan of The Dresden Files and even persuaded Bruce to do and episode of one of his podcasts, Heroes and Villains (shameless plug!), about Harry Dresden. An unknown character to him at the time, Bruce has since read all the books and Daniel, after much cajoling and pestering, got the audiobooks and began his journey into the Wizarding World of Harry Dresden! (A wizard named Harry…that sounds familiar… not sure why… oh well) The Dresden Files spans 16 novels, numerous short stories, graphic novels, an RPG, and a television series! With so much material, the guys jump right in to the topic. They discuss why they like the series, their favorite characters, Harry’s love life and much more, mostly spoiler free! With no hope of cover all that is The Dresden Files, Dan and Tom and Bruce agree to revisit the topic again at a later date! And the quiz is actually about the topic this week! So lube up your blasting rod and give a listen!

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Two Wizards named Harry? I wonder witch one is better?

Artist extraordinaire Chris McGrath does the covers for the novels. but in the books, Harry never wears a hat! He’s a wizard, not a cowboy!



Muchas gracias a Kirby Krackle para los canciones!

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