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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#205 – We Don’t Need No Sexy Man!

WNC205Howdy and welcome to this week’s super-special episode of When Nerds Collide! On this week’s program, we uphold the age-old comic book tradition of the crossover! Dan and Tom, Nerds extraordinaire, meet up with the hosts of the amazing Mouthy Broadcast, Jennie, Lauren, and Peter! Dan and Tom, both exhausted from a week of colliding, start off the show with discussion of the movie of the week, Wonder Woman! The consensus from everyone that had seen the film was that it is a pretty good film, and we all give our thoughts as to why and what we disliked(the Zach Snyder effect).
We then segue into a talk about Dr. Who and the departure of Peter Capaldi, which leads into a discussion of how we feel about how faithful the adaptation of source material should be, especially concerning race and gender, bringing up such characters as James Bond, Roland Deschain and Wally West. Then we take a stroll down memory lane, recalling our first meetings with the Broads and the various changes their show has gone through over the years and Dan again broaches the topic of sister-wives. Tom was lazy this week, so instead of a coming up with a Wonder Woman quiz, he pulled one from the archives titled Send In the Clowns, and no, it’s not about Trump and his advisors. So set up your rabbit ears and check it out!

Thanks to the ladies (and Peter!) for being on the show with us, and our apologies for the Skype problems! You can check out the Mouthy Broadcast here:

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In answer to a question raised during the show, Ian Fleming describes Bond as Caucasian in many of his novels. Here is an excerpt from Thunderball (1961):
The skin beneath the eyes that now slowly, mildly, surveyed his colleagues was unpouched. There was no sign of debauchery, illness, or old age on the large, white, bland face under the square, wiry black crew-cut.


We express our gratitude to the organization known as Kirby Krackle for the accomodation of their fine anthems!

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