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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#204 – You’ve Never Seen That? Get Out!

WNC204Welcome to episode 204 of When Nerds Collide! This week Dan and Tom are joined by first-time guest Antonio! Antonio is a long-time friend of the show(hey, that’s three of those since we moved back into podcast central!) and a familiar face from Tidewater Comicon where he can be found making sure the discussion panels go off without a hitch! He’s never listened to our show, but maybe now that he’s on the show, he’ll give it a shot.(Does anyone actually listen? Maybe that’s why we don’t get voice-mails?)
Tom opens the show with a rant about local politics and how much our elected officials have no idea how to manage our tax dollars.(Not very funny, but he raises some valid points! Info-tainment!) Dan asks Antonio about his current interests which leads into a discussion about self-inflicted wounds, either figurative or literal.
Based on what we’ve learned from horror and science fiction, Dan presents our first Public Service Announcement, which covers the following points:
#1 – Find your crazy friend
#2 – Don’t be afraid to kill your loved ones
#3 – Don’t touch that stone/statue/necklace!
On to the topic of the show, films that everyone has seen except you! Dan, Tom, and Antonio go around the podcast table and list the films they’ve in the minority of. Antonio hasn’t seen some classic animated features and Dan hasn’t seen one of the quintessential 80’s action flicks! No wonder he didn’t get what Tom said earlier! Tom, of course, has seen almost everything. To enhance our discussion, we posted our question on Facebook and got Mr. Tidewater Comicon himself, Mike Federali to ask as well.(He has way more friends than we do!) Then we read from everyone’s posts! Some we could understand and some we said “You’ve never seen that? Get out!”
As usual, we finish with the quiz and in honor of Antonio’s appearance, this week’s challenge is titled Jonesin’ For A Quiz! So fire up your VHS player, heat up the Jiffy Pop and give a listen!

Hey! Give us a rate and review on ITunes! We’re gonna keep doin’ the show so you might as well! Not even an Act of God will stop us! And check out our Facebook page! We just hit 500 people that like it! And Twitter! Dan tweets! Tom can’t say anything in less than 500 characters so he doesn’t.

The story Daniel references about the Egyptian princess?

King Tut’s Curse?

Steve Martin’s King Tut!

And John Paul Jones!

Thanks to Kirby Krackle for those nifty notes!

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