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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#203 – Comicon Conversations with Fresh Frantz and a First-Time Friend!

WNC203On this week’s extra-special post-Tidewater Comicon episode of When Nerds Collide, Dan and Tom are joined by local legend and comic author Bob Frantz and Comicon concierge and long-time friend of the show, Zach Carr, who makes his first appearance with us! Tom opens the show with a retelling of how he was first made aware of the fact that he was losing his hair. Dan rants about the lack of love for Major Victory in Guardians Vol. 2 and gives a reason for that lack, we discuss the CW’s Black Lightning trailer, and bemoan the trailer for Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger. We then segue into our conversation about Tidewater Comicon! Dan tells his story of meeting legendary Chris Claremont, (whom everyone agrees is a very nice guy), Zach regales us with stories from the convention floor and Bob tells us about what you have to do to get health insurance! Before leaving us to resume fatherhood, Mr. Frantz lets us know what projects he is currently working on, including Monte the Dinosaur and The Elvis Adventures. Tom then brings out this week’s quiz! With all the talk of President Trump’s questionable relationship with the former Soviet Union, we answer questions about The Russians! So whip out your Hammer and Sickle and enjoy the show!

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Special thanks to Mike Federali, Blair Bellevue and all the volunteers that made Tidewater Comicon 2017 a big success!

The story about the female cosmonaut mentioned in the show? Check it out here:

Were you devastated that Nathan Fillion’s cameo in Guardians ended up on the cutting room floor? Here’s part of it:



Thanks as always to the guys in Kirby Krackle for letting us use their melodious music!!

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