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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#182 – Obsess much, nerd?

wnc182On this week’s very extra special, pre-Hurricane edition of When Nerds Collide, we are joined by returning compadres of the show, ludibriologist Brandon and discophile Rob! This time around, we talk about collecting! Toys, stamps, coins, whatever, we discuss what drives us to buy things and then buy more things and then more and more until our living space overflows with such detritus that we can no longer…sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, why we collect things and what drives some to become completionists or why we just buy the things that catch our eye. Most of this discussion focuses on toys (read: action figures) so of course we close out the show with a quiz about toys! So break out your Cabbage Patch Kid, sit back and enjoy

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Thanks to Brandon and Rob for joining us!

binaltechindex5Did you know that Optimus Prime looks very similar to Biotron?



And once again, thanks to Kirby Krackle for the use of their tunes! Collect them all!

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