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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

#177 – Sweet D

WNC177In this hysterical episode we are joined by good friend and funny (looking) man, Derek WIlliams. A local comedian and fellow nerd who knows his stuff.

We get into the typical intro making bad jokes, and puns then we start to dive into Derek’s stand-up life and the crazy adventures it has led him on. From bad gigs to hecklers, its no wonder you need a sense of humor for that life.

Then we get into to topic we asked Derek on for: Arcade games!

It was suppose to be a “history of” episode but we got distracted strolling down memory lane and where we all use to (and still do) play our favorite arcade games. The discussion continues as we talk about the best arcade game and what make them great and there is a few times where Derek lays some facts down about how the games themselves work.

A really great and funny show, so listen and if you have any comments or questions here are all the different ways to get a hold of us! Also, Rate and review us on iTunes!! Please! For the love of God, please!!!!

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Check out Derek and his part in the Geeks night of Comedy at the VA beach funny bone here

And Kirby Krackle is awesome, buy those albums!

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