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#171 – We got dis-Trek-ted!

WNC171This week the new Star Trek film came out, so we here on WNC were going to talk about those films. And we did. For a very short time at the end of the show. What can I say? In our usual WNC fashion, we went off on tangents, the quiz ran long, etc, etc, etc. Not that it’s not good, oh no. Some of the best info-tainment you’ve heard all week. We talk about the amazing trailers that had come out of SDCC so far, like Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Justice League Action. The quiz itself spawned much discussion, being our little tribute to the late, great Garry Marshall. Various other things were discussed and oh yes the bit of Trek at the very end! We will revisit the Trek movies at a later date, with the focus to which it is due. Meanwhile, just sit back and enjoy this week’s offering!


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Star Trekkin’ by the Firm –

and as always, Thanks to Kirby Krackle for the tunes!

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