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#169 – Not Safe For Work…Or Home.. Or The Car…Or Anywhere, Really

WNC169Do you love comics, comedy and porn? Well, get ready for this one!

On this week’s show, we are joined by the fifth Beatle of WNC, Ryan! He joins us as we discuss the method the adult film industry is using to capitalize on geek culture, the porn parody! We talk about the humor in the titles and create a few titles of our own, how the casting and costuming is sometimes superior to the actual films, and how they can use names and likenesses and not get sued! As always , we have random chit-chat and a quiz inspired by a children’s film! How appropriate! So lay down in front of the fireplace on your bear skin rug and give a listen, won’t you?

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Here’s the late Chyna as She-Hulk: 650f9acfee4387447468550af89bca97

Check Ryan here at FilmFad

And again, thanks to KirbyKrackle for the use of their amazing tuneage!

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