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The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band



The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band


So this past weekend I went to my very first Baton Rouge Blues Fest.  It was a two day event. Unfortunately, I could only make it on Sunday.  As with any festival here in Louisiana, there were good drinks, good food, and good music.

For me, one band stood out as not a good band, but an amazing band.  I say that for several reasons.  I’m not going to pretend I have always been a fan, but I had heard of the band before and liked a couple of their tunes.  But seeing them live, I went from “Meh, they’re ok”  to “This is one of the greatest bands out there.”


A buddy of mine turned me on to the band about two years ago.  I enjoyed the sound.  There are so many sounds in this band, and it is impressive once you take the time to really listen.  The sound is mostly old delta blues with some ragtime, rock, zydeco, country, and folk thrown in.  This is a 3-piece band.  The Reverend Peyton plays all the guitar and vocals.  “Washboard” Breezy Peyton plays the washboard. And Ben Bussell plays drums, that has a 5-gallon bucket in the kit.  I mean, come on, how freaking cool is that?


As I mentioned, I had heard of them.  My wife, on the other hand, it was like Dave Matthews Band all over again.  She would ask me to turn it off when I was playing them in the truck or around the house.  Once we saw them live, we both fell in love with this band.

This is a band that feels and enjoys what they do.  You can tell not only by the music but the performance as well.  The Rev and Breezy had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands, and we were begging for more.  The Rev talked to the crowd in which he explain his songs, his playing technique, and just cut up with everyone.  And Breezy had her one liners she would shoot at us as The Rev would talk.  Oh, and when I say Breezy plays the washboard, that’s not really true.  She freaking kills that washboard.  Really, who else do you know can make the hair on your arm stand up because you can see and hear the passion for what they do?  Breezy even set the top of her washboard on fire while playing the last song of the show.


There were other things that made me love this band.  In my experiences after a show, you have to sneak back stage or try to get the bands attention through a fence to maybe get a picture.  And an autograph?  Hang that up! Most people don’t sign anything anymore unless you pay for it.  Not this band.  I bought a record from the merch table (cause that’s what I do).  Before the show started, I told Christine “How cool would it be if I could get the band to sign my album.”  After the last song The Rev told us they would be hanging out at the merch table and to come by and say hey.  I couldn’t believe it.  Of course by this time Christine had come around, as did I, and she went and bought a record as well.  They signed both of our records and even took pics with us.  Ya’ll……..come on, that’s top notch stuff!  Did I mention, this was a free show?  Yea, that’s right — they did all this at a free show.

IMG_2597So, Reverend Peyton, Breezy, and or Bill..If you ever happen to come across this,  I just want you to know you have two new life-long fans.  You are a great band, and I wish nothing but the best for you all as individuals and as a band.  For the rest of you, if this is the first you have heard of this band….GO BUY ALL OF THIER ALBUMS!!!!!!!  From what I can tell, there are 8 albums and 1 EP.  I’m working on my collection now.  I had a couple downloaded, but I have to have them on vinyl now that I know they exist.  Definitely check out their latest song on the radio Hell Naw.  

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