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When Nerds Collide #157 – Sherwood Horror w/John Regan

WNC157Rob from the rich and give to the poor! That’s a phrase everyone has heard of. However, we talked to John Regan writer/director of Sherwood Horror and he gives a spin on the classic Robin Hood character that is awesome.

John talks to us all about his Kickstarter project and getting it off the ground. A great concept of a modern day Robin Hood fending off vampires with his group of old hunting buddies. Its a hell of a conversation all about John’s background, where he got the influence for the project, and what people can expect from Sherwood Horror!

After that he joins us in a small discussion of Batman v Superman. We know that everyone everywhere is talking about it, and we’re no different. All of us give our take on the movie from several different perspectives.

Then it’s quiz time and Tom brings us one all about multiple personalities, just a regular show with the same laughter and duck and father jokes.

Please check out John Regan’s Kickstarter for Sherwood Horror and give a little to make this project going, because it’s going to be awesome



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