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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #153 – Stop….Collaberate and Listen!

WNC153This week on WNC, we are visited by two of the beautiful people, Orrion from OrrionOnline and Tina from VivaValentina, cosplayers extraordinaire! They are also our friends from Dave and Busters! They had a purpose for stopping by, to spread the word about the upcoming Tidewater Comiccon Pre-Party, (Friday, May 10th, from 9P to 2A at the glorious Dave and Busters at Lynnhaven Mall), but in order to do this, they agreed to be subjected to the usual torture we heap upon all our guests.

First, they were asked inane questions about their love of cosplay and their recent experiences, they were subjected to an overlong TV crossovers quiz on shows from before they were born, provided with a list of Comic crossovers they didn’t really care about and, in the end, they were asked to plug themselves! Just a typical session here at When Nerds Collide!

We would like to thank them for stopping by and sharing with us and extend the invitation to return anytime, especially Tina, ’cause we really love the way she yells “Joooooooohn Ceeeeeeena!”.

Check out Orrion Online’s stuff here at these links – Facebook here and here, on  Instagram at Orriononline , and twitter at @orriononline

And Viva Valentina (Tina) here – Facebook, on Instagram at Viva.Valentina, and twitter at @vivavalentinaxo

And another big thanks to Kirby Krackle for the tunes.

Also, don’t forget that every Friday night is live DJ and music, and if you have a band you could play there! Do it. It’ll be fun. Dave and Busters info is here – Facebook, Instagram, twitter @dnbVabeach

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