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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #152 – Big Jim and The Twins!

Posted by on Feb 28, 2016 in Podcasts | 0 comments

Are you ready for some intellectual goodness? Well, you’ll have to look elsewhere! In this week’s episode, Dan and Tom debut the premier work of up-and-coming playwright, our guest this week, Jim Beverly. Mr. Beverly explains his love for The Police, Tom’s quiz runs long this week(gasp!) thanks to extensive commentary between questions and Dan has a list of the richest characters in comics. (DC and Marvel only, sorry all you Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck fans!) Also, listen as Jim recounts how he received the Purple Heart and Dan tries to provide a comparable tale from his military service. The puns, word play, and bad jokes abound, as always, in this installment of When Nerds Collide!   Give us some love! Let usknow at or follow us on twitter @collidingnerds we are on Stitcher and Facebook and...

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When Nerds Collide #151 – The Devils d*ck

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Whoa! What another great episode coming your way. On this weeks show we are joined by returning guest and talented man, Micah Myers, comic book letterer extraordinaire! We talk to him about his projects and how you can help! We even learn what happens to your life if you don’t make your bed, and why Micah enjoys the company of Satan himself. Also, the show was recorded on Dan’s birthday and he makes sure that no one forgets that. With some bits here and there and just an all around great conversation we all have a blast and hope you do as well. Also, since presidents day has passed, Tom brings a presidents quiz and we find out who on the show know about the founder fathers. Everyone probably knows a little more than you expect. Love the show...

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When Nerds Collide #150 – Comic Couples

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016 in Podcasts, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dim the lights, draw a warm bath an let us inside you. Inside your ears that is! In this love filled episode we are bringing you another great episode. Another episode filled with a lot of laughs and we learn ya sumthin.   Dan thinks that presidential nominee Bernie Sanders has started a new trend to get potential voters. ┬áThen we take a small joke from last week’s show, the Heroes and Villains podcast drinking game and redefine it. We tweak the game a little and find ways to make it for the casual drinker or for the hardcore. Next, we reenact for you another play. Mike’s plays seem to be really popular so we got a script for another and decide to bring on the entertainment, and unlike the other plays in the past, this one is not...

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When Nerds Collide #149 – Super Ads

Posted by on Feb 7, 2016 in Podcasts | 0 comments

Yes, you have come to the right podcast! Our annual football show has blitzed in again and this time we are joined by Chris and the team of Kendrew Belfraze (also known as Kenny and Andrew). From the glorious quill of master playwright Michael Federali, we have another tale of convention contention. Our quiz this week tests our contestants’ knowledge of football and football related advertising. It is so amazing that Tom is reduced to tears at one point. We then discuss the top 10 Superbowl commercials and several runners-up, as well as our personal favorites. Daniel comes to terms with the death of Abe Vigoda, and gives his brief review of the Deadpool film. C’mon and give a listen to the most attention we give to sports all year, with as little actual sports information as possible! Almost...

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