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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #147 – Sexy time and comic books

WNC147Imagine this podcast is a cup. In this podcasting cup, the contents is fun and good times in stead of the traditional water. Well, call the Bounty man cause this podcasting cup not only overflowed with entertainment, but it’ll make your ears so wet it’s like the Hoover Dam in your head!

We had the spectacular Bruce Leslie on the show to talk about a little of everything. He fills us in (huh-uh) with all his many projects and what the year has in store for him.

Dan reads over an e-mail he sent out, that maybe wasn’t as bad as he thought as everyone thinks it wasn’t to terrible, but actually funny. He also mentions how much fun the band Anthrax is in concert, and much more fun the drunk fans are. Tom brings a quiz that involves movies with a winter theme.

Then we move on to the random comics segment, and it gets a little fun. Dan has a few stories about some comics and Bruce gives us the Good, the bad ans the ugly of some indy comics, while Ryan makes everything sexy! Here are the comic we talk about:

12562679_10208962655722610_1813841881_o 12631211_10208962656482629_28029917_o 12620884_10208962656722635_1735323433_o










We hope you enjoy this episode with special pal Bruce! Be sure to go to to keep up with all he has going on. Email us at follow us on twitter @collidingnerds, follow Bruce on twitter @hvpodcast and follow Ryan on twitter @filmfad

thanks to Kirby Krackle for the sweet tunes!


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