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Star Wars recap!

Who’s ready for episode VII: The Force awakens this week? We sure as hell are!

Just to give all you wonderful people a recap, we went over all six Star Wars movies on the podcast. One each month leading up to episode VII. We broke down all the movies with personal experience of us and our slue of guests. If that isn’t tempting enough, we give you quizzes and facts about each one. Keep in mind that the age range differs with us so the experiences are definitely not the same.

So give a listen to a few or maybe even all of them, to relive what makes all of the films fantastic. Well, not all of them, but you get the idea. All episode numbers link you to the page, or you can go scroll through iTunes or Stitcher for them.

May the force be with you

WNC117 WNC121a WNC122a WNC127 star-wars-episode-1-poster WNC135 WNC139

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