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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #141 – Fa la la la follies

WNC141The season has started! The season of presents, and that other thing I can’t think of right now. IN this episode Dan and Tom get things started with some general conversation. It’s actually been a few weeks since they say each other so some catch up is in order. Current TV shows, Superman V Batman trailer and a little more talk. We give our two cents on these things and more.

Ever heard of the Berenstain/Berenstein bears conspiracy? Dan hasn’t either and it blows his mind, so stay tuned for that gem.

Then, on to the main events! First off, we decided to act out a short play for our listeners. A wonderful play written by our good friend, Mike. A play about the most complicated things and lifes hardships. If you enjoyed the play, please let us know so we can act our more for you.

If you noticed, our guest is Chris Martin. You know what that means? No, not Coldplay songs, but Christmas tips! Thats right! Christmas is almost here, and you need to know what to get your loved ones for that special day! Get your pen and paper ready to write down these fantastic gift ideas (now with music).

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Thanks to Kirby Krackle for providing the kick ass music! Go to their website and buy their music. It’s totally worth it.

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