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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #140 – Quiz Time!

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015 in Podcasts | 0 comments

Since its the holidays and people are full of food and not a whole lot of work, we wanted to bring you a fun relaxing show. Here at When Nerds Collide we love trivia and quizzes and we try to do them all the time. As a listener, you should be entertained and informed. We want you to walk away with new knowledge and facts to stump your co-workers or start a wonderful conversation at your next fancy cocktail party. Here are some of our favorite quizzes with some of our favorite guests! We hope you find them humorous and educational. Info-tainment is what we are all about and  we want these clips from the past year proves it.   Please enjoy this episode and let us know how you did on all the quizzes! We love you all, and if you...

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When Nerds Collide #139 – Revenge of the Sith

Posted by on Nov 22, 2015 in Podcasts | 0 comments

In the conclusion of our Star Wars episode we bring to you the latest film in the franchise to be released, the Revenge of the Sith! We are once again joined by long time guest Zac, from the Batman vs the world episode. A younger point of view on the films, but a good one. Of course we have our regular quiz planned and of course fun facts. A full table discussion on the film is here and for you! We talk about the good and a lot of the bad. Mainly the acting. A lot of bad, bad acting. Plot flaws is brought up a few times, however so is the amazing action in this movie. We all agreed that the action made it great. So come listen to what we have to say about episode III, and...

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When Nerds Collide #138 – Bob Frantz

Posted by on Nov 15, 2015 in Podcasts | 0 comments

In this great episode we are joined by Bob Frantz! A former radio personality turned comic book writer. Come check out the great conversation as Bob explains to us his journey from one adventure to another. This episode is full of laughs and stories, like how we all got fired from a job, and facial hair. Bob also explains his current all ages book, Monty the Dinosaur and the wonderful story of origin that was inspired by his little girl. He then explains the  process of what goes into self publishing a comic all the way to how fun it is to see your book in Previews magazine and the great news about his book being picked up to be published! Come join us for great conversations, story time, and jokes galsore. Every episode of WNC wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a...

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When Nerds Collide #137 – 80s TV tunes

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015 in Podcasts | 0 comments

In this nostalgic episode we bring to you another fantastic game of Name that tune: 80s edition. We compile some of the well known, and not well know TV theme songs from the shows many of us remember growing up. We are joined by the great Ivey and Tobias to see if they remember these shows and of course have a little discussion and fun facts thrown in about some the shows. Can you, the listener, guess the theme faster than our guests? Come find out and maybe some of these songs will jog childhood memories for you as well. Then we start to discuss how much television has changed from then to now. The consistency, to the myriad of venues you can now view these shows from. Before we move on to the main attraction we dive into...

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My First Love

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in Robs Records, Uncategorized | 0 comments

R.E.M. R.E.M. was born in 1980.  I was 14 in 1987 when I heard my first R.E.M. song “The One I Love.”  I would discover later that this was just one song from an album that would change my life, well as much as your life can change when your 14.  That one song would open my music world.  Up until this point growing up, I was listening to the radio or what ever my parents were listing to.  This was mine – this song, this sound – finally something that spoke to me.  The worst part……no internet.  How at 14 do you find more songs by this band?  The answer….MTV!  We didn’t have cable at this time growing up, enter my buddy David Stokes.  Dave, he had cable, he had MTV, but had he heard of R.E.M. yet? Of course he...

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