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The Nightmare Before Christmas


Happy Halloween everyone.  Lets dive in so you can continue your spooky activities for the day.  Back in 1993 when I saw Tim Burton was doing a stop motion film, I couldn’t get to the theater fast enough.  I have always been a fan of Tim Burton’s work.  And when there is Tim, there is a really good chance Danny Elfman is going to be a part of it as well.  As you can tell from the last post, I’m also a Danny Elfman fan.  I mean come on — a stop motion film previewing a talking skeleton with Tim and Danny, how can this be bad?  If you don’t already know……it isn’t.


If you haven’t seen this movie let me sum it up for you.  It’s great.  It is about Jack Skellington who is the Santa Clause of Halloween Town.  After years of the same ol’ scare and screams of Halloween, Jack feels there should be more to life.  He comes across a tree in the forest that transports him to Christmas Town.  After seeing sights never before seen to him, he takes all his new found ideas back to the people of Halloween Town.  With a few Halloween Twists, Jack and his town kidnap Santa and run Christmas.  Of course we find out there is a reason Jack is the King of Halloween and not Christmas.


This soundtrack is one of my favorite original soundtracks.  All the songs are written and preformed by Danny Elfman.  I have fond memories of watching this with my brother.  Fond to me because when the movie was released in ’93, my brother and I where just starting to hang out with each other again after going through the “I’m to cool to hang with my little brother” phase.  I also discovered my little brother wasn’t as lame as I thought.  Especially since he dug Danny Elfman. So I may be a little biased towards this film because it means a little more to me than just a fun film.


If you haven’t seen this film this would be a great way to wind down with the family after a night of Trick -or- Treating.  Come to think of it it would also be a good idea if you have seen it.  Now that I think about it, this film could maybe even on some level be considered a Christmas movie.  So keep that in mind in December.  Thanks for taking the time to read my latest post.  Go out and get your spook on.  Just remember to be safe and that all the goblins and ghouls you encounter tonight aren’t real.  Or are they?

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