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Oingo Boingo


  Hello, all.  Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but life seems to get in the way of the really fun stuff sometimes.  I was wondering what band to post about this week.  Since it has been awhile and while talking with my brother this week it came to me, OINGO BOINGO!

Oingo Boingo was around from 1979-1995.  You are probably familiar with the song “Weird Science,” which was the title of the same movie.  If not, then I know you are aware of the frontman, Danny Elfman.  He has done the score for just about all of Tim Burton’s movies, The Simpsons theme song, co-wrote the soundtrack to the X-box game Fable, A Nightmare before Christmas, and the list goes on.  If you haven’t heard any of those………what rock are you living under?

On to my personal experience with the band.  I first heard them while watching the Weird Science movie on VHS at my buddy David Stoke’s house.  Then I started looking for more.  David’s brother Brian had a couple of their cassettes, and we made copies.  That’s right kids, the Napster of the 80’s.  So that’s where my love for the band started.  I have since then turned my brother on to them.


We were talking about how we have been on a Oingo Boingo kick lately.  We each have our own favorite “go to” songs.  Lately Dan’s has been “Flesh and Blood.”  Normally though it’s a tie between “Private Life” or “On the Outside.”  My “go to” songs would have to be “Where Do All My Friends Go” and “Gratitude.”  Although “Weird Science” will always hold a special place for me.


So if you are not familiar with the band, get out there and get you some.  It is a fun 80’s, SKA, feeling kinda band.  I will, however, say this about a song called “Little Girls.”  This song does not carry over through the years well without an explanation.  It was explained on the internet years ago that “Little Girls” is not a song about pedophilia.  Back in the 80’s the lyric little girl was used a lot in different songs to describe the male version of a cougar.  The song its self is talking about trophy girls on the arms of older men.  I say this not to defend but to remind you of the time and era this song was written in.  So, when and if you hear the song, take a minute to remember that and you’ll understand what Danny Elfman was trying to say.

Keep spinning and don’t forget to let me know how I’m doing.  And if you have a band or artist you would like my take on let me know.  If I don’t have it in my collection it would be a good excuse to hit the record shops and do some digging.  You can reach me at or Tweet me at @robsrecordroom.

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