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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #135 – Attack of the clones

WNC135Well, it was bound to happen. Since we’ve been talking about a Star Wars movie each month, it was only eventual that we talked about Episode II: Attack of the clones.

First off lets talk about the guest list. We of course have Ryan from the Fadcast, WNC’s offical Star Wars fanboy, and returning to the show, would be Toms friend Tom who we have appropriately nick named, T2. Both gentlemen are big fans of the War in the Stars and we talk and discuss the atrocity that is episode II.

A lot of fun is actually had in this one. Of course we talk about Back to the Future day and why it was so cool! We get into a small talk about the NYCC and the Walking Dead and what not.

Then the not fun part happens. We talk about the movie at hand, and what makes it god awful. Theres really not a whole lot to write about it, but needless to say we explain why its terrible. So strap on it and get ready to listen to four Star Wars nerds agree on the handleing of this film.

Movie reviewer, Chris Elvins is part of the Chubby Wizard podcast

Music by Kirby Krackle

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