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Preschool viewing for grown -ups!

Shows for preschoolers that I enjoyed as an adult!

Having kids means watching a lot of kid -oriented television. I already am a big fan of animation, so it’s not really a great stretch that some of the shows for little kids would grow on me as well. A lot of the songs are very catchy! (Especially after hearing them several thousand times) Some of these you may even remember watching when you were a kid yourself.

Here are my top ten favorite little kid’s shows, in no particular order.

1. Blue’s Clues – I was devastated when Steve left.

download (24)

2. PB and J Otter – Use your noodle, do the noodle dance!

download (25)

3. Rolie Polie Olie – I love anything by William Joyce


4. Little Einsteins – It teaches with classical music! How can you not love it!

hqdefault (1)

5. Pingu – Claymation! Penguins! What’s not to love?

download (26)

6. Between the Lions – A Henson Production, reminds me of The Electric Company

download (27)

7. Wonder Pets – The phone, the phone is ringing!

download (28)

8. Thomas the Tank Engine – It’s my name! And trains!

images (12)

9. Kipper The Dog – He’s the dog with the slipper, that’s Kipper!

download (29)

10. Oswald – It’s Fred Savage from the Wonder Years! And David Lander from Laverne and Shirley!

download (30)

If you don’t have kids, I wouldn’t recommend watching these alone. But for family viewing, these are outstanding!

PS – almost forgot Max and Ruby!


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