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Tom’s Toys

I was talking to the guys at work about toys and I got to thinking about some of my favorites when I was very young. I figured I could share some of them here.
These are called push puppets. It’s one of the first Superman items I can remember having. My mom bought it for me at Woolworth’s. It had a button at the bottom and when you pushed it, the figure would collapse, then spring back up when the button was released. I eventually got the Batman and Robin, as well. Not the best likeness of any of them, but when I was four, I thought they were great. I still see push puppets around, but none of the licensed characters.
Next, another toy from the same company that made the push puppets, but this time Superman is on the trapezee. Why? Who knows. But again, at four or five, all I cared was that it was Superman! You would push the buttons on the side of the base and the Man of Steel would do tricks.
All kids love squirt guns and I was no exception. Again with the Superman theme,his body was the grip and the water would squirt from his mouth! Not a very complex toy, but hey, Superman!

download (1)
Next, the Batplane! The Dark Knight’s airplane, molded in the highest quality styrofoam! It came in four pieces for easy assembly, with stickers to show that it belonged to the Batman. We lived in a small apartment, so I didn’t get to fly it very often, but it was fun to pretend with. I think the second or third time I actually got to fly it, one of the wings cracked. We tried to tape it but it threw the balance off.

Finally, A prize I got from a bag of Fritos, W. C. Frito! He was part of a series of erasers that Frito gave away, including the Frito Bandito!I have know clue why I loved this thing, but I did. So of course i would lose it regularly and cry incessantly until my mom tracked it down.

Well, those were some of the first toys I can remember having. Can you remember some of yours? Leave us a comment or a post on our Facebook page and let us know!

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