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Captain Carrot

Captain Carrot, created by Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw! and published by DC Comics, is a super-powered anthropomorphized rabbit. He first appeared in New Teen Titans #16, along with his team, The Amazing Zoo Crew. His secret identity is Rodney Rabbit, a comic book artist living on Earth C, Later designated Earth 26, where all the occupants are animals. He draws the Justa Lotta Animals comic for DC. He first changes from artist to super hero by consuming a carrot that had been exposed to extra-dimensional radiation. His first adventure involves him fighting Starro the Conquerer alongside a dimensionally adrift Superman.



His powers include super strength, limited invulnerability, super hearing and sight and super jumping. His comic ran for 20 issues, , with two miniseries, The OZ Wonderland War(1986), and Captain Carrot and the Final Arc (2007)and a guest shot in Geoff John’s run on Teen Titans.


The book falls squarely into the “FUNNY –animal “category, with light hearted storylines, bad jokes and plenty of animal puns, also parodying aspects of then-current pop culture. The character was recently featured prominently in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity, but may not have been the original, displaying powers that had not been seen before, including being able to spring back from an injury similar to the way an animated character would.

I love this character! He made his debut in my favorite book of that time, and worked together with one of my all-time favorite heroes. The book was funny and fed right into my love of puns. The Captain is the iconic good-hearted team leader character. I would love to see a revitalization of this character, along with an animated series and action figures! DC and Mattel are missing out on a great property that would dovetail well with Teen Titans Go!

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