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C’est la vie. (That’s Life)

C’est la vie. (That’s Life)


 Bienvenue (Welcome), and Bonjour (Good morning).  It is a bright Sunday morning and I figured I would let ya’ll in on a Sunday morning ritual The Wife and I have.  We wake up to a pot of coffee, fire up the turn table and have a relaxing morning with some good ol’ Cajun music.  It all started several years back, when we would go camping with my Uncle.  On Sunday mornings we would all sit around the campfire with our coffee, and Cajun music just loud enough to hear over the shuffling feet of the other campers waking up and starting the day. We would reminisce about the fun had over the weekend, enjoying the last couple of hours before packing up and going home to face the up coming work week.  This ritual carried over from the camp to the house due to weekends we weren’t able to go camping.



 The Cajun people are a pretty amazing group of people.  They get a bad reputation from Hollywood and such, but it’s hard to find a more resilant, hard working, and hard partying group of folks.  My Wife’s family finds their roots in the Cajun country.  A little town named Mamou, here in Louisiana.  Her parents met picking cotton in the fields.  Mamou refers to it self as  “The Cajun Music Capital of the World.”   I guess thats why the town’s name is mentioned in multiple songs and song titles such as “Mamou Hot Step.”  Mamou is also home of the world famous Fred’s Lounge, which features live Cajun music every Saturday morning.  

Anywho, It’s hard to pick just one or two artist to share on this one.  You can’t really go wrong with any of it.  If you looking to relax or if your looking to two step, it’s all good.  So next time you want to try something new Cher (dear), go pick your self up some good ol’ Cajun music.

Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll)


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