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Spider-Man #17 (vol. 1)

20150901_085026Ahhh, a day in the life of Spider-Man. Sure he has had his run of bad luck over the years. There is always some lunatic trying to kill him, sometimes in a group of six. Some nights he’s pulling a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ by changing into Peter Parker in time for a date with Mary Jane, while changing back into his Spider-Man attire because Major Kill or Doctor Hippo or whatever lames ass flavor of the week villain is robbing a bank for $600.

2015-09-01 08.46.472015-09-01 08.45.45I’ve read my fair share of Spider books but his one sticks out the most, written by Ann Nocenti, and drawn by Rick Leonardi, this one-shot took me by surprise, mainly because, he dies. Not figuratively, but literally. He died.

What better way for a hero to die, than to do it in just that nature, being a hero. When he tried to save a woman and her child from an explosion, he missed saving the child, and in turn lost his life over it.

That was surprising enough as it is, but what really surprised the hell outta me was the fact that Thanos the mad titan showed up with Death. Now I know your thinking, “Thanos is on the cover dummy!” I know that, but we all know that comic book covers can be misleading.

2015-09-01 08.47.42Now this issue isn’t a dream or anything, and that is what was shocking to me. Spider-Man is dead, Thanos is gloating and Peter is trying to persuade death herself to let him go. Holy crap! This book was insane. All because Spider-Man was doing what he was born for, and he failed.

So you may be wondering, obviously he came back to life, but how? Go find it. It’s worth it. A tragic tale between doing the right thing and failing, only to find yourself becoming a real hero on the other side. I highly recommend finding this book, just for a great¬†story that Nocenti put together so nicely.


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