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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #127 – Return of the Jedi

WNC127Get ready for a fantastic episode! We are joined my Mike and Ryan to discuss and talk all about Star Wars episode VI – Return of the Jedi!

So much is mentioned and so many jokes and impressions happen. Tom starts off with a great quiz and later on Dan brings in some fun facts. There is so many cool facts and trivia you are guaranteed to learn something  new about this movie.

Chris Elvins comes back to give us his movie review of Return of the Jedi. Discussions are made about the Ewoks. are they as terrible as you think? How cool is Warwick Davis? What does the band Toto have to do with Star Wars? Also the kind of music droids love, Crispen Gloven as Bobba Fett, and so many more odd topics, when your done listening to this episode, you’ll leave with a different view of RotJ. You’re welcome.

Then we talk about it’s influence in our lives and what makes it great, or rather not so great. What makes Jedi such a great film to some, and a bad movie to others? A generational gap perhaps listen to find out!

Also, a few more awesome Tidewater Comic Con special guests announcements!!! And they are awesome!!

We want to know what your favorite scene from Jedi and what made it great to you, or even what made it bad! We wnat your feed back! Also do you know the answer to our Jabba the Hutt question, please let us know with an email or a tweet @collidingnerds or even leave us a voicemail!

Check out Ryans stuff at –

And also everything cool coming to the Tidewater Comic Con!



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