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The Dismemberment Plan

The Dismemberment Plan (D-Plan)



D-Plan came out of Washington D.C. around 1993. They released 4 albums and 3 EPs from 93′ to 03′ when they disbanded. They reunited in 2011
toured the U.S. and Japan. They released a live album in 2013.

Hello all! So let’s talk Indie Rock. I hate to label music and bands but for the sake of this blog, I will just to help you find them if you so desire.



I think it was around 2002 or 2003 when I was turned on to D-Plan. I met a super cool lady by the name of Michele. We worked together, and after talking a bit we realized we had similar taste in music. She opened up a whole new world of music to me — The Indie scene with bands like Modest Mouse, Wilco, Sonic Youth, and a lot of others. The more we talked, she realized that I had never even heard of most of the bands she was calling off. She told me not to worry because she was going to fix that! A few days later she came to work and gave me a mix tape. That’s right kids — we where still using cassette tapes back then! I actually still had my cassette until it was lost in a move {insert sad sigh here}. Anyway, the D-plan was a track on that tape – Spider In The Snow to be exact. It really stuck with me. It was a new sound to me. In fact, the whole genre was new to me. D-Plan was my intro into a new world of music. I have since turned a few other people on to them! Michele, if your reading this, I paid it forward. And maybe, just maybe with this post a couple of more people will be introduced to their new favorite band.

That’s all I got on D-Plan guys. I hope those of you that don’t know them check them out. I recommend their third album Emergency & I or their fourth album Change. Those are my two personal favorites.

If you do check them out I would love to hear what you think. Shoot me a e-mail or tweet me @robsrecordroom.


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