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The Supergirl Syndrome


Hello everyone! Please let me explain to you a  phrase that started on the show over and over. Something we like to call, The Supergirl Syndrome. This is a reference to Dan and his love for the 1984 Supergirl film.

has been commonly known that when your a kid everything is great. Everyone remembers how awesome cartoons were and the love you had for them. Then it happens, you get older and not interested in them anymore and time passes on. Then one day you decide to go back and watch something you loved as a kid. As you sit down to relive the joy and happiness this cartoon/T.V. show/movie gave you when you were easily amused, a confused and worrisome look covers your face and you ask yourself, “What the hell am I watching?! This is awful! How the hell did I enjoy this?!”

That is the premise of the Supergirl Syndrome, however the syndrome occurs before you relive those memories.

A conversation was held on the podcast when I mentioned that I loved the Supergirl movie as a kid. Tom replied not to watch it now, because it won’t hold up and the great feelings and love you have for that film will be destroyed. So I haven’t watched the movie since and refuse to, because I want to keep smiling and feel happy when I see Helen Slaters Supergirl, not laugh or feel sick when I see the Movie poster.

These situations happen to everyone. You loved something as a kid and refuse to watch it again because you know it will be terrible. I loved the Thundercats cartoon as kid, with a passion. I watched it again when I was 25 and it was the worst damn thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Just awful. Now because of that, I don’t hold Thundercats in high regard anymore. I remember loving it as a kid, and that’s where it stops. Don’t love it as an adult. Totally can’t watch it. Just awful.

So all the old things I love as a kid I never revisit, because I know as a growing adult, I won’t love them as much anymore.

So to recap, the Supergirl Syndrome is to never revisit something you loved as a kid, because it won’t be the same. Just hold on to those happy moments you had when you were eight, because it will never be the same.


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