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Silver Surfer #41

20150826_092028The Silver Surfer was always one of my favorite characters growing up. Just the way he looked and the freedom (at the time anyway) he had of surfing through space was the coolest. His power cosmic seemed unmatched to any other heroes out there. I mean, he could beat Superman without even trying, and as a kid, that’s mind blowing!

Silver Surfer #41 was written by Jim Starlin and penciled by Ron Lim, it was a fun issue and a great breath of fresh air from the standard superhero or cosmic story lines going on at that time. Starlins story is fine, but of course Ron Lims pencils can make anything look great.  I always thought that Norrin Radds downfall would have been at the hand of Mephisto or back handed by Thanos, not by losing his powers then going job hunting. That’s where this issue gets awesome!

20150826_092105 (3)No powers, no money and no where to go, what’s a former herald of Galactus to do? Get a job! You know why? Cause Norrin is no slacker! If he still had a planet, he’d have 3 jobs!

20150826_092105 (2)He tried a job in construction, however the only problem is that, without the power cosmic to cool him off, he heats up like like Johnny Storm’s crotch in a speedo during a marathon run on the surface of the sun!




So if honest work doesn’t cut it, whats the next step? Selling that beautiful shiny, muscular, slippery body to the highest perverted dealer! On the other hand, he could always sell his memories! Yeah, that’s the ticket. How much would you exploit yourself for, expose your darkest deepest memories for? Priceless you say, not to Norrin. 200 credits is more than enough!

20150826_092350The conclusion to this great decision? Find out for yourself cause the issue is worth it. Even if you buy it and think its a bad story or out of date, the best thing you can’t argue with is this sweet spread you get. You’re welcome.



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