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Rob’s Record Room – Dave Matthews Band

Press ShotThe Dave Matthews Band was formed in 1991 in Charlottesville, VA. by, of course Dave Matthews.  The band is said to be a rock, pop, funk, jazzy, type of band.  I like to refer to them as a Jam Band.  The hardly ever take a break form the road, always on tour and playing special events.  At the time of this post they have 8 studio albums and somewhere around 60 live albums.  If you want the whole story on DMB check out their homepage or


 I have been a DMB fan since 1994.  During my senior year of high school, a radio station named The Coast played “Ants Marching.”  I loved it the first time I heard it.  What I heard was nothing quite like I had heard before.  A rock band, with a violin, and horns. Yeah, they had bands like Rare Earth, Chicago, and others in the 70s, but this was my generation with a fresh new band!  I wanted to hear more, so I ran out and picked up Under The Table and Dreaming.  I was an instant fan.  The internet was still new and not easily accessable to me at the time, so I was stuck with finding out all I could from radio, magazines, TV, and friends.
One evening walking around Town Point Park, a local spot in Virginia that always has something going on, I heard a familiar sound.  I followed it and caught the tail end of DMB playing live.  How did I miss this?  At least I caught a couple of tunes.  Years later I found out they released that show on CD, and I finally got to listen to the whole show.  Since then DMB has always been there playing in background of my life — through the good times and the bad.  They have pumped me up on road trips,  played on through the dulldrums of life, got me through a divorce, and consoled me when I lost loved ones.  It’s funny, I’m almost forty years old, and I still get excited about this band just like I did back in high school.  I really enjoy turning people onto them that haven’t heard them or those that say “Uh, they’re okay — I just haven’t really listened to them.”
Take my wife for example.  We have been married ten years now.  The first six years whenever DMB was played, after about three songs, she would ask me to play something else because his voice got on her nerves and she just wasn’t into it.  Mind you, I had tried different songs and different albums.  I know DMB isn’t for everyone, but my wife?  She has to like them.  How can I go the rest of my life with a non DMB fan?  Then it hit me, “You have to see them live,” I said.  Well, the problem there is the closest they come to my town is a 5-6 hour drive in another state.  She didn’t really want to go, but she came home one day with a surprise.  She had gotten two tickets and a hotel room for the the show.I was so freaking excited!  I hadn’t seen them since 2002.  It’s now 2012, and we are heading to Texas!
We get to the show and I can see it on her face that she would rather be at the mall across the street.  Being the awesome wife she is, she gave it a chance.  Guys, I’m not lying.  Her three song limit came up, I looked over at her and she was loving it — even dancing!  She told me after the show, “I’m glad you made me see them live.  It was really worth it.” Since that show, it has become a tradition that we go whenever they play The Woodlands in Texas.  We haven’t missed one yet!
So that’s my story on DMB.  For my friends that I have already bored to death my love for this band, I’m sorry.  I just figured we would go ahead and get this one out of the way.  If you aren’t fimiliar with DMB, I would recommend you start by checking out any of their 60 live albums.  My two favorites are The Central Park Concert and Live Trax Vol.10 (Pavilion Atlantico, Libson, Portugal, 5/25/2007) .

Well, you have made it this far, you might as well go ahead and shoot me an e-mail.  Did you enjoy the read?  Do you have any questions?  Is there a band you would like me to talk about?  If I have them in my collection somewhere I’ll talk about them.  You can let me know at or Tweet me at @robsrecordroom.


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  1. Wow! I love the personal touch on that story. It’s not about the band, it’s about the experience and even though DMB has become mainstream over the years, stories like these are what make music significant.

    Thanks for that, very good read!

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