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When Nerds Collide #122 – The Empire Strikes back (part 2)

WNC122aIt’s here! Something we’ve never done before, the second part of our two part episode about one of the greatest movies ever made, The Empire Strikes back!

Last episode we brought to you the amazingness of the battle of Hoth and now we talk about the rest of it. From the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field to finding out who is the father of who (spoiler warning) its all here.

We mad lib the synopsis for you folks and even show off a small list of films that could have been influenced by The Empire Strikes Back, at least they are according to Tom and Ryan. Then we break down the rest of the film and give you some facts you may not know or even a trip down memory lane as we discuss some of the greatest scenes and what excatly makes it such a powerful film.

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