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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #121 – The Empire strikes back pt. 1

WNC121aThe Star Wars saga continues as we dive deep into one of the greatest movies ever made, The Empire strikes back!

Of course it take s a second to get to that. Ryan from and the Fadcast joins us. And by ‘join’ I mean he just kinda shows up. There was a lot of talk that happened in the world of media and film and we decided to talk a little about that. Not too much cause we know we will discuss these films more in the future.

Then we move onto the main topic at hand. We start off with discussing how great The ESB really is and why. The we get into a lengthy discussion about the beginning of the film, the battle at Hoth and what makes it awesome. Then thats it. To be honest, its difficult to talk about episode V and all it’s greatness in only 45 minutes, so we talk a lot more about it soon. get ready for that shit!

In the mean time, please email us at, tweet at us @collidingnerds and leave us a voicemail on our website. We’d love you forever if you did!

Don’t forget to check out Ryans cool stuff at FilmFad and listen to his show with his sexy partner Pooya on the Fadcast.


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