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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #117 – A new hope

WNC117In the first of several Star Wars themed episode, we tackle episode IV, A new hope. We are joined once again by resident Star Wars fanboy, Ryan from Film and of course the Fadcast with co-host/secret lover Pooya.

First thing first, quiz time. Tom brings us a quiz dedicated to episode IV, so see how much you know, dear listener.

We dive into the history of the movie and even what inspired Mr. Lucas to write such a film. Different tones are talked about, from the chilvery to religion this movie has a little of everything going for it, and you probably didn’t even noticed. We don’t really dissect the movie and ruin it for you, instead we try to give you and origin story of sorts about the greatest film in history or in the galaxy far far away. Ryan also bring his two cents in about Mr. Lucas and there is discussions all around about why we love the movie and what we don’t about it.

Also, does Star Wars qualify for a remake? we get to that one fast and so much more. So come learn something fun about one of the biggest influential films in history!

Let us know what you think! Contact us at also tweet at us @collidingerds and also go check out our fantabulouse FaceBook page!

Check out Ryan’s stuff over at FilmFad and also his podcast The FadCast! on twitter @filmfad

Music brought to you by Kirby Krackle!

Also, check out their song Moisture Farm!





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