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BK Red Burgers

Remember the black burgers from BK Japan? Well, they’re at it again!redc-893x500

That’s right,  red burgers! Here’s the article from

In September 2014, Burger King Japan rocked the burger world by introducing its all-black-everything Kuro Burger. But the international burger-slinging chain wasn’t done. Now, it’s introducing two new all-red burgers for chicken and beef lovers in Japan. Keep in mind that “Aka” means “red.”

The red buns and cheese on both get at least some of their color from tomato powder. Both burgers come with Angry Sauce (amazing name), which features miso and doubanjiang—a spicy Sichuan fermented bean paste. Meanwhile, the Aka Samurai Chicken features lettuce and tomato with a fried chicken patty.AAbHvgU

Both Aka burgers will be available from July 3rd until mid-August. The Aka Samurai Chicken will set you back 540 yen (US$4.36), while the Aka Samurai Beef costs 690 yen (US$5.57).

And if that’s not enough, if you still have room after all those colorful burgers and want to keep all the items on your tray red or black, you can finish your meal with a black Salted Caramel or red Cherry Twin Pie.burger-king-japan-twin-pieAren’t you hungry for Burger King now?

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