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The Fiesta Whopper!

Wow, two BK burgers in two weeks. The King does some odd stuff. Does ANYONE but me remember the Fiesta Whopper? Very few, apparently. I couldn’t even find a picture of it, just a video of a commercial for it.

It was around 1997 and it hasn’t been back since. The main difference between a regular Whopper and this fiery beast is a spicy sauce replaces the ketchup, and it has pepper jack cheese and no pickles. But this thing was so good. It had some heat to it, but it was flavorful as well, not just hot for the sake of being hot. They also had a packet of seasonings to sprinkle on your fries to give them some extra zing.

As an added bonus, apparently in the Phillipine Basketball Association, there is a team called the Burger King Whoppers! Talk about merchandising!

4032249951_11f6cf52a1_oMore food stuff next week!

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