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Legionnaires pt 2

This week’s installment focuses on the Legionnaire known as Timber Wolf!lsh-timberwolfTimber Wolf is Brin Londo and first appeared in Adventure Comics 327 as Lone Wolf. He was basically Wolverine before Marvel did Wolverine. Here is a link to a fantastic origin page for Timber Wolf:

The costume from these pictures was designed by the legendary Dave Cockrum, who would later draw (2)In fact, when Cockrum later took over drawing the X-men and helped create the Imperial Guard, he patterned Guardsman Fang after T. Wolf
fangimpguard1wolv-bigcostume4After his costume is destroyed, Wolverine kills Fang and takes his.

Timber Wolf has had multiple costume variationsc3c93dd9071a761df9eeb6155272bf75He was featured in the Legion animated seriesdownload (4)He was in long-running relationship with Light Lass.TimberWolf_Light Lass_blog

One of the best Timber Wolf tales takes place in Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 issue 13 and spotlights Brin as he  attempts to honor the final wish of Karate Kid.250px-LSHv3-13A superior costume design, along with the depth of character that Paul Levitz  wrote into the character, make Timber Wolf one of my favorites in the Legion. Pick up an issue for the full story!

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