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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Colldie #113 – Pylons and game music

WNC113A fun and awesome episode happens right here! Cody and Steve from Addition Pylons drop by and join us and the fun ensues! We talk a little about everything then we get this party started!!

We give Cody and Steve a moment to talk about their show, so we leave as not to interrupt their segment. As always the quiz happens! A card quiz between Marvel comics and 80s music so Tom naturally destroys everybody. We knew that was going to happen.

A small Tidewater Comic Con wrap up happens as we dive into what we loved about the convention and what we would like to see from in in the future.

Then the main event! Another edition of Name That Tune happens but with a small twist. Since Addition Pylons is our guests, we decided to use music from video games. oh yeah. Can you guess these popular songs from games? Listen and find out. The majority of them are NES games and that was unintentional simply because we got carried away prepping for the game. So press start-select and get ready to test your video game music knowledge and laugh along the way. We love you.

Music this episode is brought to you by The Cartridge Family. Check out their great music on Youtube here and follow them on twitter @CartfamNL and like them on Facebook

Be super cool to our guests and go listen to them on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere else fine podcasts are about!

You can find them on FaceBook here and their Let’s play channel here!

Also here is all the twitter info you need, so follow these! – @addpylons, @ActuallyAkiba, @IndieLumberjack

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