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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #108 – Go Go Power Nerds

WNC108In this episode we bring you two of the biggest Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers nerds we have ever met in out entire lives! Sam and Orrion are on the show and they bring their A game, and they couldn’t be any cooler!

First we give you what you want, a Quiz about Sams! Everyone loves quizzes! How good are you at it? Then Dan has everyone watch the new Superman/Batman movie trailer and gets everyone’s opinion on it. This is Tom’s first time seeing it, so get ready for a classic bit from “Old man Tom and his rant on a soapbox that use to cost two nickels in his day and you had to buy the wood to make the box, but it didn’t matter cause we were too poor to buy soap so we had to use our imaginations”. Of course everyone else also says what good or bad expectations are to be had from this trailer.

Then the amazing happens and we dive into the world of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. We talk about the different incarnations and origin of the show. There is so much to learn from this and so much more we didn’t even have time to touch on. You can tell that the love and passion these guys have for the MMPR is larger than two Megazords!!  (I’m sorry for that one, That was awful and I apologize for it)

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