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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #106 – Batman versus the world

WNC106In this episode we are joined by two wonderful guests Zac and Bryan to talk about how, and if Batman would win. Tom starts the show off with a good ole tradition of a quiz. A quiz about superhero teams! Can you name of the member of these teams? Then, later on a fun game titled I’m Batman. Lets see if you can identify the many actors who has portrayed Batman by them simply saying, I’m Batman.

Then, the main event, in this corner we have the caped crusader himself, the one, the only, BATMAN!!! In the other corner, we have everyone else. A round table nerd discussion on a fight to the end and if the Batman is really as amazing as everyone makes him out to be. We go through a lot of different chracters for the Dark Knight to fight and whether or not he would win. He may lose some, or win them all. Listen and find out.

If you have any objections or better outcomes let us know by sending us and e-mail at or tweet at us @collidingnerds


Check out Bryan’s place of employment here at Comic Kings

Check out Zac’s awesome Caped Crusader facebook fan page

We are part of the Alien Angel podcasting network

(Music by Kirby Krackle)


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